Tesla "Semi" - is this a hype or perhaps an overpromise?

Some people say Tesla unveiling Semi looks like too much of a promise Elon Musk has been making lately. Let's prove them wrong by uncovering a few facts and why Musk's idea is world changing in the use of renewable energy.
Nov 20, 2017
er.sharad.kapoor By Sharad Kapoor

First, let's cover some basic facts about the Tesla Semi and why is this world changing. We all know Musk's great plans and the way Tesla executes those. There is no denying fact that there would soon be a market of electric trucks following Musk's plan. No one had ever thought of going there and getting thier hands dirty by changing the Truck market, however Musk and Tesla do things differently and they do things which no one can ever think of even trying. Okay, long story short this is not an article about selling Elon’s idea but to cover some basic facts of why is this important to mankind.

We have been destroying our planet from decades now and its time for that to change. The carbon footprint is reaching the sky. 

It's time now to make use of the renewable energy. Here comes the Tesla Semi for rescue. Another great move proving renewable energy bring in the change we want. 

“Heavy-duty vehicles make up a small fraction of the vehicles on the road, but a large fraction of their emissions,” says Jimmy O’Dea, who studies clean vehicles at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In California, that category (which includes buses as well as trucks) accounts for 7 percent of total vehicles, but produces 20 percent of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and a third of all NOx emissions (those are the ones linked to asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses). Every truck you move with electricity instead of diesel has an outsize effect on the health of the planet and everything living on it. Eighteen-wheelers are the ultimate force multiplier. 

Tesla's attempt 

Musk has got the nerves to play around with this market. See what Tesla brings to us. 



 Wikipedia says the carbon footprint from Truck – 0.1693 kg of CO2 per Ton-Mile

I would love other companies to follow the footprints of Tesla and where it is going with all of the renewable energy plans. 


Tesla call it BAMF Performance (We all know what BAMF means laugh). Musk says it is actaully a technical term. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.59.36 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.01.51 pm.png

More here: https://www.tesla.com/semi/

So, is it an overpromise?

Telsa and personally Musk have never been overpromising and not when Musk's other companies are reaching the sky. I am already seeing other companies following the footsteps of Musk's master plan for trucks now.  It's just 2019 people and not too far. It is not an overpromise from Telsa as we have seen a few good things already. It would probably cost you a pretty penny!

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